/10.03.2016/: ICAO news — ICAO will be obliged to equip the aircraft with Autonomous tracking systems.

The Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) this week adopted a number of new provisions aimed at preventing situations similar to what happened two years ago with the missing Malaysian Boeing.

Under the new requirements, published on the organization’s website, for civil aircraft should be Autonomous tracking systems that are in distress will transmit information about the location of the aircraft at least once per minute.

Also, the aircraft must be equipped with tools to extract information from flight recorders and to provide access in a timely manner. In addition, the duration of recording of conversations in the cockpit should be increased to 25 hours to cover all phases of flight. It is also reported that the new provisions can enter into force starting from now until 2021.

“Together, the new provisions will give a guarantee that in the event of an incident location (the aircraft) will be immediately known at a distance of six nautical miles and the investigators will have the opportunity to evaluate data from the flight recorder of an aircraft in a quick and safe way”, — said the President of ICAO, Dr. Olumuiva  Benard  Aliu.

“It will also facilitate a much improved and more cost effective way of carrying out search and rescue operations”, he added.

Source: ICAO