/01.09.2016/: The Central Asian corridor is created in the framework of the initiative “Economic zone of silk road”

The Kyrgyz delegation headed by Director of the Civil Aviation Agency of KR Omuraliev E. took part in the International Conference on cooperation in the field of civil aviation in the format of China – Central Asian States of the region. The conference was initiated by the aviation authorities of China on August 30-31, 2016 in Urumqi/China. The event was attended by heads/representatives of aviation administrations of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia (guest outside the region) and representatives of the aviation sector in these countries (airlines, airports, etc.).


The main purpose of the conference was the discussion on air cooperation between China and Central Asian countries on “Promoting Air Connectivity along the Silk Road Econoimic Belt / air Promotion messages along the Economic Belt of the silk Road”. A delegation of Kyrgyzstan were also heads and representatives of the Bishkek Branch of OJSC “IAM” (airport “Manas”), aircompanies  “Air Kyrgyzstan”, “Air Manas”, “Manas Airways” and CAA of KR.

During the conference, along with statements by heads of delegations, held a thematic discussion session, during which were discussed such issues as –

  • liberalization/facilitation in the development of regional cooperation in the field of air transport in order to deepen economic and trade cooperation,
  • cooperation in the field of aviation safety and aviation security;
  • visa issue procedure simplification and liberalization of  politics for the touristic and pasenger traffic flow development;
  • cooperation promotion and support in the realization of aviation field infrastructures;
  • cooperation between aircompanies/airports and variety of other issues.


The event was held the official meeting with the Director of Civil Aviation Agency of Kyrgyz Republic Mr. Omuraliev Ermek. and General Administration of Civil Aviation of China, Mr. Feng Janline/ Mr. Feng Zhenglin. The parties discussed topical questions and prospects of close cooperation between the two countries in the civil aviation industry. For example, the Kyrgyz side has identified the importance of direct communication between the capitals of the Kyrgyzstan and China, announced the intention of the Kyrgyz airlines to move towards the early opening of a direct flight on the route Moscow-Beijing on the other hand, informed about the readiness of Kyrgyzstan to consider the possibility of granting the interested Chinese airlines 5th freedom air flight through Bishkek next to the EU, the Middle East and the Arab world, that is, the perimeter of those countries where they do not fly domestic Kyrgyz airlines. In conclusion, the Parties agreed that in the next few days will exchange the relevant issues on the agenda, and then hold a formal bilateral consultations of the aviation authorities of the KR and China in October-November this year.


During the conference, the Director of the CAA of KR E. Omuraliev held a number of bilateral meetings with interested Chinese companies:

  • with the leadership of the Chinese airline “South China airlines”; during the meeting the Kyrgyz side raised the issues of regularity, quality of services and affordability of tickets offered to passengers, and also proposed to consider the issue of opening direct flights on the route Bishkek-Guangzhou and meet with the Consulate General of the Kyrgyz Republic in Guangzhou, which is actively working on deepening bilateral cooperation and informs about presence of a sufficient level of passenger traffic flows on this site;
  • with the leadership of the Chinese airlines “Hainan airlines” and “Air Urumqi”, which have the intention to start flights to Central Asian countries;
  • with management of Chinese companies –  “AVIC”, specializing in the production of aircraft MA-60 for the implementation of regional/domestic flights and the reconstruction of runway and construction of flooring under the key airports and “China Airport Construction Group”, also specializing in providing services for the construction of airports.

Also, during the visit to China, the Director of CAA of KR E. Omuraliev gave press interviews to the press of the PRC, including the Chinese TV channel CCTV. The head of CAA of KR expressed satisfaction with the results. He also stressed about the logic and patterns of discussions in the framework of the visit to China: 14233370_1096625813753265_401772824_o

At the intersection of routes major world markets in the framework of the Initiative “Economic zone of silk road”, creates a kind of Central Asian air corridor. For our country and aviation, the project has great value, because this international air corridor will significantly reduce transit distances for air transport in China, India, countries of South-East Asia. It also becomes a lever for promoting businesses and economies, and will open up great prospects in the field of trade-related capacity building, development of national economies of our countries and attract investments”.

In addition, in the framework of the visit, to exchange experiences, the delegation from Kyrgyzstan  also visited:

  • Hangar for maintenance and repair of aircraft “South China Airways”;
  • The main facilities of airport Urumqi, China (ground service, aviation security service, freight terminal, etc.).

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It should be noted that members of the Kyrgyzstan delegation was also able to establish useful contacts and to conduct bilateral meetings with interested potential partners from China and Central Asian countries.

Source: CAA of KR.