/13.09.2016/: Meeting of the head of the CAA of KR with the management of the business and other associations

Yesterday, 13 September, 2016, has met the head of the CAA of KR Omuraliev E. S. with the management of the business and air associations such as, NGO “Union of aviators of the Kyrgyz Republic”, the Association of airlines СA of KR, the International Business Council (IBC) and the National Alliance of Business Associations (NABA).


The sides discussed the issues of development of the aviation sector and tourism. In particular, they discussed the issue of support for the airlines through the membership of the Association of aviation enterprises of CA of KR and the Union of aviators in the composition of NABA.

In addition, Head of NABA Borombaeva E. mentioned: “It is important of development of this aviation sector, to exit the national air companies from the black list of EU, extention of airways to the third countries, and thus, we are ready to take a part in effort with the community and propose to organize joint activities of sector development and issues”.

According to the Director of Association of the company Mr. S. Dzhangaziev:

“This collaboration will enable consolidated to discuss and address development and support of local member airlines our Airline Association”.

In addition, they discussed the future plans of participation and joint initiatives CAA  of KR through the work of the tourism Committee at International Business Council.

As noted by Executive Director of IBC, Mr. Sydykov A.:

“Cooperation of state bodies in the field of aviation with business environment is fruitful for about a year. We note the openness, readiness and efficiency of the Agency in the partnership. A number of future initiatives will create conditions for the development of the tourism sector, aviation and other related industries”.


Source: CAA of KR